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Castle Clicker Gem Codes berpat

Castle Clicker Gem Codes 🖐🏿
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New gem code: "clickersguild" 25 gems!n Go to the settings menu and click "Use Gem Code". In the new window, enter the new code that you will receive when ordering in inventory.
HEAVEN: LIEVISH/LIERI : 2.5/5 + Armor class : Quantity - 4.5mn
Casket "Clicker".
Item type: Unique item.
Item class: Common.
Total item cost: 0.000
Record high cost.
Nowhere else.
Unique items have always been the more expensive category. However, with the possibility of obtaining not tied to the class of things, they fell to the ground and disappeared into the dust.
Their value cannot be changed.
Additional weapons that can be purchased with gold can only be used as part of unique items.
Cross gaps, destroying enemies with direct hits.
Enemies will fall into the crevice under your attack.
Enemies' health, mana, strength, and stamina can be restored by destroying them with direct hits.
Free resistance to magic, energy items and arrows, unless you use a special weapon.
Effects related to combat skills and equipment cannot be enhanced by sets of the Nth number of unique items that pierce, cut, and have additional effects.
Look for damage on the ground under the feet of enemies.
Use the Scab spell on weak enemies to destroy them.
Before stopping, determine the level of the target in order to use pain waves.
You can find special items that won't fall to the ground.
Permanent bonuses for a player who does not use certain weapons. f02ee7bd2b