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Those. The set-top box is designed specifically for software and video manufacturers in Windows OS systems. There are very few specialists who can work with such applications within the Win32 shell. But the application allows you to significantly save the time that developers devote to software development.
The peculiarity of this software is that right from the desktop you can easily launch any action in Windows, including video playback, transition from the player to the document, and so on. And any file can be played by any member of the MS Office family (text document, Power Point presentation, Excel, Word, HTML pages, Flash movies).
An interesting feature of the software is support for all possible formats. And this is very good. Since with the full development of the capabilities of the package, many questions arise that require explanation.
1. Open the video. Win32 video can be run in almost any video player, but we need to install the video program on our desktop. This can be done from the Explorer menu. After that, you need to find and run the DVDVideoComplay.exe utility and specify the path to the folder with the selected program.
2. An image opens, but I can't see it. This is usually due to errors in video processing work. We are trying to find a file created in some program. To do this, simply select the desired program in the Start menu (List.ini), select the File menu item Open. The program will start.
3. I open a folder with another movie. To open a video, you need to find the folder with the files of this movie, and then open the movie itself. If this file does not open, it means that the folder from which you want to open the movie contains a formatted format. If the picture is there, but does not open, then there is no file system for this video format in that folder on the disk.
Example 1. Opened the movie "Figure Skating" from the Internet. The Explorer window opened and I saw a black screen with a picture. I looked on the desktop, but the file was not in the folders. I had to copy the files to drive D and look for this movie. Found movie "Parkour" had the extension .mov f02ee7bd2b